Data Recovery, Anti Virus & Malware

  • COMPLETE data recovery services
  • Internal and External Hard drives, USB drives, portable drives
  • Digital Cameras, Storage Cards (SD, Compact Flash etc)
  • Ipods, MP3 Players
  • Deleted or damaged file recovery, Recover from Format or Partition
  • Intentional or Accidental
  • Virus, Spyware and Malware Scan and Diagnosis
  • COMPLETE removal of all traces of malicious software
  • Rootkit and Hacker Detection and Prevention

PC OR LAPTOP NOT RUNNING AS FAST AS IT USED TO? Networx can run a full diagnostic on your computer and determine the best solution for your needs. Memory, Hard Drive, and Video Card upgrades can help speedup software and gaming. Hard drive, software, registry cleanup can optimize your system and increase speed and performance.


FULL DATA RECOVERY SERVICES. Accidentally deleted files, documents, pictures or music recovered and restored, including Hard Drives, USB drives, Portable Hard Drives, Camera Cards, MP3 Players. PASSWORD removal and PC Unlocking. Forget your Computer Password? We can reset it. Password lost for an important PDF or Office Document? We can open it.



VIRUS AND MALWARE removal, cleanup and prevention. According to computer and software experts, the single largest problem facing the Home Computer User today is Malware/Virus infection. Slowing down or completely locking up your PC, preventing internet access and possibly STEALING your identity or personal information, these malicious threats can affect ANYONE. Virus software alone is often not enough to prevent especially devious malware programs from infecting your computer, and can actually circumvent and defeat your Antivirus software. We can detect, completely remove every trace, and restore your system to Infection Free status, and help you prevent the re-occurrence of infection. ONLINE recovery tools and services can’t always find every threat that can infect your PC, and can sometimes do more harm than good. Our technicians utilize the latest knowledge and experience in Virus detection and Removal to find EVERY trace of malicious software to make sure your PC is protected.